We thrive at creating and offering solutions that improve personnel autonomy, comfort and pleasure while ensuring safety and efficiency. We care about the people comprising the helicopter community and cherish establishing personalized contacts & dedicating ourselves to service. Our aim is to continuously provide well made, reliable and readily available products to our friendly customers worldwide.

About US

Helitowcart is a helicopter hangaring solution specialist. We focus on two helicopter handling concepts: towing and carrying. We are known for offering multiple models and thus can meet needs particular to most operators. There are well over 2000 Helitowcart units operated worldwide and this number is continuously growing.

We started manufacturing small devices for the Robinson market but have since substantially widened our product list to service the majority of light to medium helicopter types in the world. Most customers require that we cater to their Airbus, Bell, Robinson or Enstrom helicopters but we have designed our products to be compatible with MDs, Schweizers, Sikorsky and Agustas/Leonardo as well.

We are the right match to operators looking for:

  • More traction & power to meet challenges posed by tough weather and terrain,

  • Hassle Free machine positioning & quick attachment,

  • Equipment versatility to as many helicopter types as possible,

  • Confidence in a brand with a proven reliability record,

  • Attentive, dedicated and efficient long term customer support.

Helitowcart is also a provider of practical accessories for helicopters. This second activity is also a steadily growing part of our business.

All products in that category have been introduced following requests and suggestions submitted by our friends from the helicopter community. These individuals had been facing somewhat irritating situations pertaining to availability, affordability or practicality in their daily operations and have turned to us to create products to fill these gaps.

This is what has lead us to create our own products such as sturdier higher lifting wheels and seat cushions offering better long haul body support for crews.

The accessories we offer have one characteristic in common: they serve the purpose of improving pilots and mechanic’s quality of life at work by adding swiftness & ease to their daily tasks; one well-thought accessory at a time.

Helitowcart is blessed with an impressive web of satisfied customers and highly regarded friends from the helicopter community. This business endeavour has been a decade of brilliantly rewarding experiences, and we are now thrilled to dive into our second decade expecting the pleasures of initiating new projects, generating more brilliant solutions, and enjoying sharing them with an enthusiastic helicopter community. Join us!


Katherine Villeneuve
VP Commercial Affairs - Co-Owner

Katherine has the most beautiful laugh we have ever heard! She is the bubbly optimist with a sharp and witty mind that fuels the whole team with energy.Her eventful life keeps the team continuously awed by her adventures. She has an impressive capacity to work quickly, long and hard, and yet to do so with constant enthusiasm.She also has an outstanding capability to raise above the crowd to capture the big picture; doing so with acuity.Thanks to her experience and knack for crunching numbers she is the one who manages the financial side of the business.

Maxime Perron Caissy
VP Operational Support - Co-Owner

Max brings a constant breeze of fresh air with his modern ideas and his bold & efficient initiatives. Being a commercial helicopter pilot and enjoying computer savviness, he started interventions for us back in 2011. He has acted as our webmaster, photographer & videographer since then. Today, he also manages our marketing with a bright & creative touch which he perfected during his stint in the e-commerce industry. His thoroughness and field experience working for a helicopter operator has also set a solid base for his role as our Quality System Manager.


Steve Rousseau
Business Partner

Steeve is a model of quiet dedication, reliability and professionalism. His outstanding resourcefulness would make Tom Hanks blush in his Cast Away role. He is our Miracle Man as he assembles & packages our products to sustain handling to all possible destinations worldwide.His attention to detail and impressive rigor have ensured that Helitowcart has had excellent performance in regards to product conformity over the years. He holds the record for delivering 100% of the time on what he committed himself to.

Francine Belanger
Business Partner

Francine has such an impact on the team’s happiness that she unknowingly triggers “Ohs” and “Ahs” from excitement every time her car shows up in the parking lot and she walks to enter the office. Her enthusiastic personality, her smile and her great humor have earned her the Ms Sunshine nickname. Her immaculate administrative work, her x-ray eyes and her capacity to deliver a lot or work makes her a central & rock-solid presence that influences the whole team’s focus and performance.

Michel Brousseau
Business Partner

Michel is a long-time and precious partner.He is one we can dearly count on for his availability. We are also awed by his consistent deliveries- always exactly on his word. He possesses impressive experience in product design and manufacturing, with a particular edge from his time in the heavy machinery industry and a lifetime of various involvement in the aviation field. He takes the time to think through the challenges that are presented to him and to come up with practical solutions. We dearly enjoy his company and having the chance to learn so, so, so much from him.